Aulink 亞特鏈


Aulink is a provider of financial technology solutions for supply chain enterprises and financial industry, with the advantages of block chain and other cutting-edge technologies and professional and reliable financial management services. In this visual design task, we start from the innovative attribute of the brand and take "redefining material management" as the core to achieve brand expression.


  Aulink是金融和產業互聯網產品的連接點,也是企業整合產業鏈內外部資源的連接點。在品牌LOGO的設計上,以品牌名稱英文首字母的“A”為原型,應用三角形結構的穩固感,同時構成兩個“L”形字母圖形的疊加,視覺上呈現交互連接,以具備現代科技感的色調,形成全新的品牌標識,傳遞智慧、國際化的品牌形象。我們將LOGO圖形以簡約大氣的結構變換,延展應用到了app icon、名片海報等物料上,貫穿始終的科技感,實現企業未來對外表達的一致性。


The core module of "connect" resource
Aulink is the connection point of financial and industrial Internet products, as well as the connection point for enterprises to integrate internal and external resources of the industrial chain. In the design of brand LOGO, based on the "A" of the English initial of brand name as the prototype, the stability of triangle structure is applied, and at the same time, the superposition of two "L" shape letters is formed, which presents an interactive connection visually, so as to form a brand new brand logo with the sense of modern science and technology, and transmit the wisdom and international brand image. We have applied logo graphics to app icon, business card poster and other materials with simple and atmospheric structural transformation, with a sense of science and technology throughout, to achieve the consistency of enterprise's future external expression.
Through brand planning and design expression, pay attention to the scientific and technological characteristics of the brand and the international development prospect, while delivering the stability and trust of aulink, lay the tone for the sustainable development of the enterprise in the future.